Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've got the sick in the middle of summer blues . . .

Max, Kizzie, and I are fighting the sniffles, and the "gotta go to the bathroom really fast" blues. Only for Kizzie it's the "hold me so it doesn't squirt out onto mommy" blues. Who in the heck gets sick the first week of school anyway? Tommorrow is my first full day alone (well me and Kiz anyway) with Max and Jack in school all day. I am going to take it easy, I promise, and maybe watch a chick flick. Mom was so right, you really can't be sick when you are a mom. And now that I'm a mom times two, it's a little trickier. Luckily, Kizzie is content to sit on my lap right now and cuddle in the bed when she's asleep. That won't last when she's crawling around the house. God Bless All Day Kindergarten!!!!!!! Today I dozed off with Kizzie while watching "Flipper" with the kids. I really loved that show as a child, and Jack said that he hated it. How can you hate a sixties version of Lassie with a dolphin? And now that I'm an adult I'm noticing how cute the dad is. Leading men in the sixties were usually pretty dark and handsome. Max loved it when Flipper headbutted a shark and killed it. Hope this doesn't translate to his playtime at school. Well, better go to bed before I pass out while typing. "Flipper, Flipper, under the sea . . . "

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