Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mowhawks and Kizzie Walking!

Okay, so I've been meaning to catch a video of Kiz walking for a couple of weeks now, and the only one that I have is me getting on to the kids.  So just ignore the audio (I sound ridiculously upset--forgive me, I've been surviving on 5 hours of sleep for about a week) and watch my crazy children playing in front of our apartment.  Kizzie's favorite thing to do right now is to walk in circles till she gets dizzy and falls down.  Max just got a haircut that Jack's been dying to give him for 5 years now, a mowhawk.  It's sort of a modified one, and when his hair's not spiked up he looks a little bit like bon jovi from the 80s.  Tell me what you think. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Belated Pictures of Awesomeness

I have been meaning to post some of these pictures for over a month.  Jack and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in May, and I made him promise that we wouldn't just go to dinner and a movie.  His solution: spending the day hiking in Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation, and sightseeing on the drive back home.  Here are some of the beautiful pictures from our trip.  I absolutely loved it, and spending time alone with my honey was completely awesome.  I can't believe that it's been 10 years!  We were such little babies when we got married.  Here's to 60 more!