Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictures round 3

Here's our MLK day adventure to Walnut Canyon to see the Sinagua ruins.

Pictures round 2

I Promised Pictures!

Here they are. Some are from Christmas and some are from a few days ago. Love you all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shout out to Lu!

I'd just like to take a brief moment to congratulate my bestie Lulu for getting a NICE job as assistant store manager at Khols! Woo Hooo! I'm so excited for her! Now she gets to begin a new journey in Mon-roe Louisianna! She better eat some good cajun food for me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Holidays From the Flemings!

So many really good things have happened during the Christmas break:

1. Spending time with my mom and dad!

2. Sewing girl dresses.

3. Eating really good food!

4. Getting motivated to exercise! (prompted by no. 3)

5. Playing with my babies.

6. Enjoying down time with my hubby.

I have pics I'm going to share eventually, but here is an original drawing from Max. Just so you know how amazing this is, developmentally just a couple of months ago he actually started drawing shapes, then, eyes, then mouths, etc. Then during the break he was using gads of paper to draw pictures that started having legs, hats, beards (thanks Jack--and Santa) and shoes. On Saturday He kept drawing Daddy, Kizzie, and Max, but no mommy. I asked him if he was going to draw me and he just said, "Nope". Then yesterday in Primary he drew the whole family. Yayy! See if you can identify each family member. (key--l to r--mom, dad, max, and sister in the front.) Don't you love the rad hats that we're all wearing?