Thursday, February 26, 2009

weeeoooo weeeeoooo, here comes the Waaaambulance!

Okay, this is going to be a little bit of a whine fest. As I tell my kids, "Let me call the waaaambulance". Jack is in Mississippi, eating po-boys and steak, and playing with his best friends, while I am sitting here, jealous, and watching Toy Story for the millionth time. My computer has finally given up the ghost, so I can only post here from school. Max is truly the sweetest little pumpkin in the world this week, but he has given me a head cold and I wish that I was home curled up on the couch, doped up on Nyquil. I miss my friends. WAAAAAAA. Education here is Arizona is going to hell in a handbasket. WAAAAAAAA. I have to take care of my mother in law's dogs. WAAAAAAA. The kids at school are driving me crazy. WAAAAAAAA. I need chocolate. WAAAAAAAAAA. Okay, I feel slightly better. snif.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow Recorder fight

Here's my snow/recorder experiment: take one class of really crazy 3rd graders, add plastic whistling devices, shove snow into them, and try to see who could melt the snow out of them the fastest with their "Darth Vader" breath. Result--one broken recorder, lots of melted snow in the room, children that swear they have frostbitten fingers, and the highlight of the experience is watching Mrs. Fleming's recorder "poop" snow. I wish that you could have been there. But then again, maybe you're glad.

Begrudgingly going to work in a winter wonterland . . .

Here's a link to our weather story. And the picture above is what the mountains looked like yesterday. I'll give you an update as to what they look like today!!!!!

Okay, last night when we went to bed, Max and I prayed for a snow day, because we've had a winter storm warning. When we woke up this morning to let the dogs out, there was a serene blanket of white snow and there were snowflakes swirling around. Bruce took one look and backed up into the house, and Max just went "Woooow". He was trying to go play in the snow in his pyjamas, so we bundled him up and he went outside with Jack to check it out. Jack said he just kept saying over and over, "Oh Man!" and he laughed his head off when daddy threw snowballs at Mama behind the window. The good and really cool news, we had about 5 inches in our yard. The really depressing news, I still had to go to school today. Our superintendant is from Alaska, so chances of a snow day were pretty slim. Snif. Our kids today (the ones that showed up anyway) are just itching to play in it, so I am going to do a science experiment with snow inside of recorders. I'll give you an update later. And post the pictures. I heard that it even snowed in Tucson! CRAZY!!!!! I'm just southern enough to get all giddy when it snows, and right now, I wish that I was having a snowball fight and making snow angels!!!!