Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello Again!

School has started again, which means that I now have access to the Internet and can resume blogging. Actually, I have a confession to make. School has been back in for almost a month and I've been blissfully keeping tabs on my peeps through their blogs, but couldn't quite muster a blog entry for myself. For those of you who probably checked my blog a few times this summer, then gave up because there was nothing new, I repent. We've moved from Bloody Basin to Peach Lane in Strawberry. We LOVE having wood floors again and space to move around. Jack has gotten over his pre-mid-life crisis and has decided to go back to school at NAU (Flagstaff) for an Art Ed/History degree. I love this school year so far, things have been great. Right now I'm seeing the world through non-existent glasses because Max broke my Gorilla Glued glasses with a fierce hug. But hey, I sure got my money's worth because they were ghetto fixed back in February. I have my eye on some purple frames. How perfect is that? I promise to model pics of them when I can see again. The only other exciting thing in my life is that I'm playing one of the twelve virgins in a Stake musical. Lucky for me I get to be a wise one. Snicker, snicker. I find it pretty ironic that there is only one out of the twelve of us that's actually a virgin. We're talking old ladies and married women. Call it creative licence. The last time that I played something for church was in high school when I was "Billie" from Billie and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Classic acting skills, let me tell you. Keanau Reves would be proud! Well, another day and another dollar. I'll try to post something more interesting, I promise.