Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bigger the Figure . . .

I heard this Louis Prima song on a movie, and I just about DIED laughing. I had to share the love. Just listen to this beauty, and think of an inspired compilation of "chunky" songs. ("I like big butts", "Chunky", "The Bigger the Figure", "I'm Fat" (wierd Al), "Fat Bottomed Girls", "I really love you Fatty Fat" (Bad Manners), "Fat Sally" (Bad Brains) . . . ) Now why does that make me smile????

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm officially fired!

So I just spent ten minutes steaming about my non-pink pink slip, and it was lost when I tried to add a picture, arrrghhhh. Now I'm too emotionally drained to rehash it, so I'll give you the abridged version. I finally officially recieved my notice of "job termination" and it's not even a pretty pink, it's white, ugly, and depressing. I'm sad/relieved/mad/depressed, and I'm going to go home and cry for a couple of hours until I have to pick up Max! I don't even have Dove chocolate in the house, damnit! I promise that the next post won't have as much angst. . . sigh.

Here's a song that expresses my mood right now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

scaling the ten foot fence

I love teaching, I really do. There are days, like today, when a situation is really stressful at the time, and later on you can laugh about it. This morning, I did an activity with my 3rd graders where I wrote music notes on easter eggs and had two kids from each class hide the eggs outside for the rest of the class to find. I guess that it didn't occur to me to tell them NOT to hide the eggs inside the 10 foot chain link fence surrounding the electrical box. That's LOCKED! I keep forgetting that kids don't have common sense, though. So out comes my class, I tell them to go find the eggs, and the next thing I know, I hear a thud and one of my kids is clutching his ankle FROM INSIDE THE LOCKED FENCE. One of the boys climbed the fence to get the eggs, then JUMPED into the electrical area, spraining his foot in the landing. He's locked in, and can't get out because his foot hurts too bad to climb. I had to send two kids to the office to get someone to unlock him so that we could take him to the nurse. Geez. Does it even sound like I have a valid excuse for the principal?

Give me some chocolate.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I need a Mommy hug!

I will never get over how even though I'm almost 27 years old and have my own baby, I still need a hug and loves from my own mommy. She just had surgery this past week to get her galbladder taken out and I have been worried about her. I would love to be there to wait on her hand and foot like she used to do for me when I was sick as a little girl. She always used to make me some hot tea, rub Vicks on my chest, and tuck me into the couch to watch AMC. Sometimes, she would even make me some chicken soup to soothe my sore throat. I'll never forget when I was in high school and I had my wisdom teeth taken out. She fed me frostys, and taped frozen peas to my head so that I would feel better. I hope that I help Max as much as mom helped me. Sometimes it's really hard to be so far away from my family. Maybe someday we will be close enough so that I can take care of her when she is sick, and she can give me a good mom hug when I have a rough day and want to sell my 5th graders to the circus. . . sigh.