Monday, April 18, 2011

Twiddling my thumbs

Here are my stats so far:

Number of girlie movies watched 1
Number of quick read mystery novels read 2
Number of times I've been at the hospital 2
Number of babies born 0

Whew! After two false alarms and getting Jack's hopes up, Kizzie's still not here. The good news is that (according to the nurse) when I actually start to "really" go into labor, it will probably progress pretty fast. I personally object to the term "false" labor. It hurts just as bad as real contractions, makes me want to throw up, and gets my hopes up. Good thing I'm not the only mom that comes into labor and delivery and then has to get sent home. The contractions I had yesterday, although not consistent and not moving things along, were hurting pretty bad. My doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien so that I could get a good night's sleep and my body could still do it's thing. I've never taken sleeping pills before. Let's just say that it's a good thing that I waited to take it until I was home, or mom would have had to carry me out of the car. I slept really, really hard. I even probably drooled on myself, but didn't notice it when I woke up. I hope and pray that Kizzie comes soon. I miss my husband and my crazy son.

Friday, April 15, 2011

She's coming . . . no wait, she's not coming.

Wow, talk about DRAMA. On Monday we went from doctor putting me on bed rest to Tuesday going into heavy labor and being airlifted in a helicopter to Phoenix. No, Kizzie's not here yet. Sigh. We were all geared up to be parents again as I was saying goodbye to Jack and Max in Payson and being loaded into the helicopter (crying). I just knew that Jack wasn't going to make it to Phoenix before they gave me a c section. Alas, when they got me to St. Joseph's in Phoenix, my contractions were good and stopped, thanks to the magnesium that they gave me in Payson. Yukky stuff, by the way. But there was good news, not only does St. Joe's have the best NICU unit in the valley, but they can do Vbac (Vaginal birth after C section). So I am just bound and determined now to try Vbac. The doctor kept me on ice (figuratively speaking) at the hospital until today, when I officially hit the 36 weeks mark, which means that Kizzie can be born without "premature" complications. It also means that my insurance wont pay for me to stay at the hospital anymore. So I'm free, so to speak, and hanging out in Phoenix at my aunt's house in Tempe until Kizzie decides to start up a ruckus again. I could go back to Payson now, and have a C section, but three days of listening to babies being born all around me and thinking of the recovery time and avoiding surgery (I am a wuss when it comes to possible pain) makes me really want to give Vbac a go. So my mommy is staying with me here in Phoenix, Max is still hanging out with grandma number two in Sierra Vista, and Jack is returning to Pine to write his school papers and catch up on a week's worth of missed assignments. Doctor says that Kizzie could come any time. She may come tomorrow, or wait a week. We shall see. Meantime I am encouraged to resume normal activities (aka, no more bed rest) and am looking forward to watching a girlie movie with my mom. Jane Eyre awaits!

PS--three days of mindless cable TV has made me realize that I really don't miss it. Mountain backwoods living has made a pioneer woman out of me. Now, quick-read mystery novels are a whole different story altogether . . .