Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School Wooo Hooo!

Here is my little Max all duded up in his school uniform with his backpack on, ready to walk to school with mommy and daddy. We walked him to school, dropped him off, and enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet at the house. At the door to his classroom, there were a couple of kids throwing fits and crying, and inside there were excited moms taking pictures (Ha! and Jack scoffed at me when I whipped out the camera) He found his name, put his Buzz and Woody backpack on the hook, and immediately found the fire truck to play with. We hardly even got a "bye" out of him. They had a little room with coffee for the parents to go hang out in if they wanted, but we opted out. With Max, it's better to just cut the cord and leave, other wise he starts acting naughty. Here's my little stud muffin. And an extra picture of him chilling on the couch with sister.

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