Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CURSE Jack Frost!

I have something to admit.  I really don't think that my body is capable of experiencing much colder temperatures then it has lately.  I think that I lifetime of living in the Southern region of the country has affected my body's ability to warm itself up.  We're talking negative 9 degrees F this morning, with a high of 19.  Ummmmm, yuck!  Some of you reading this might be scoffing, "Well, in ALASKA it gets negative a bigillion" or something.  I don't care!  There is a reason that I'm not living in Alaska, or Siberia right now.  Luckily we don't have to pay utilities, so last night as I was doing lesson plans at night, the heater was on and I kept feeling a draft from the windows and under the door.  I kept inching the thermostat higher and higher.  When Jack woke up this morning, he said that it was set to 85 degrees.  When I was younger and stupid, I once made the statement that I preferred being cold to being hot, because you can always put on more clothes, wheras you can't take your skin off.  Wrongness.  I enjoy watching the snow capped peaks from my window, and that is all.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Should I keep the kids?

I have to tell you that five minutes before I took this video, I would have sold my kids to the circus.  Then the magic happened.  Kizzie took Max by the hands and said, "Dance, Ma-well" and then she starting singing softly and leading him around the house in an imaginary waltz.  Max was totally game, and they were twirling, running, and jumping with hands clasped and smiles on their faces.  If you have multiple kids, or grew up with a sibling, I'm sure that you can relate.  When they are playing together it's precious, when they are fighting I want to gouge my ears out.  I hope that you can still see, even though it's grany.