Thursday, August 8, 2013


So every day I call my mom and sister and tell them something funny that Kizzie said for the day.  The other day, my mom told me that I need to write them down, before I forget.  I realized that Max said some really funny things as a toddler, that I don't even remember now, and since this is my attempt at some kind of online journal with pictures, I decided to share a few recent tidbits of wisdom here:

Experience 1:
We dropped off one of Jack's prints at a Ft. Worth art gallery the other day.  On the way into the building Kizzie looked very seriously at one of the sculptures on the front lawn and said, "That's a donut hammer mommy".  I began telling her, that even though she was probably hungry, that it wasn't really a donut, when I realized that it really did look like a donut, with an empty center and a handle.  I'm not sure if that's what the artist was going for, but hey it was a sincere interpretation!

Experience 2:
My children have a really bad habit of following me into the bathroom and freaking out if I try to even close the door.  For some reason they are perfectly content to play by themselves until I have to pee, then it's clingfest 2013.  One day I was using the facilities, with the door closed like a civilized person when Kizzie comes bursting in with a very perturbed look on her face (she does that well). I asked her to close the door so that I could have some privacy.  She slowly closes the door, looks around her in pure bewilderment, and asks, "Where's privacy, I don't see him?"

Experience 3:
This just happened.  While unpacking the kid's rooms, we have unearthed some toys, etc. that haven't been seen in awhile.  I just realized that Max's ceramic piggy bank is anatomically correct (and a boy, if you know what I mean).  The kids were giggling and shrieking while pointing to his delicate piggy parts and Kizzie said, "Mom, he needs to go potty, he's pooping!".