Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall is in the Air, and it smells good!

Last week was our neurology appointment with Max. He hasn't seen his doctor for two years, so we were really curious to see what she would say. Can I say that we completely love his doctor? She is casually dressed and very sincere. When she was checking his reflexes she commented on the huge number of bruises on his shins. We discussed his overwhelming klutziness, and then she nonchalantly had him run down the hall and back. "Yep", she said, "It's definitely that he's not paying attention very well. He was running full speed down the hallway staring to the side". Nice to know that she has such scientific methods of determining things. So it's not directly neurological, but because of his difficulty focusing, which is a result of his condition, it is. Make sense? For the first time in this whole journey with Max, it hit me that we are in no way past the woods, so to speak. His doctor doesn't need to see him again until puberty, when certain neurological problems could manifest. Puberty? Um, I'd rather not ponder that right now. Max throws a fit when his netflix cartoons have streaming difficulties, and is upset when a picture on the wall is crooked. I'd rather not think about the frustration of pubescence. Yes, it was difficult when we discovered his condition and we had NO idea what it meant for his future. Yes, it was really really difficult when he had night terrors and horrible bashing head fits on the floor around three because of language delays. Yes, it is hard right now to see how he doesn't really fit in with the kids around him, even the ones at his developmental level. (He doesn't care yet, but I'm sure one day he will). Yes, it is difficult to realize that his little sister will one day surpass him in many ways but that he will still love her. Contrary to my cautious nature, Heavenly Father has put me in line for the roller coaster that goes upside down and into tunnels. We have in no way conquered this mountain, and I think for the first time I am realizing that Max will never just be delayed, something that keeping him back a little in school will fix. He is just very very special. Different, unique, and always mine.

On a different note. I can't afford to get my hair professionally trimmed, so I coerced my husband into doing it yesterday. He was really really scared of ruining my hair, but it turned out pretty good! When I first woke up this morning it looked a little bit Joan Jettish and I drew in a quick breath, but no--it was just bed head. It's okay people, my hair has survived! Kizzie was a pumpkin today (pictures to follow soon) and Max looked really nice in his new white shirt bought by granny. Take a picture folks, his shirt will never be this clean again! Oh Well! Love you all, have a great day!

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