Thursday, October 22, 2009

Being Max's Mom

I've been thinking alot lately about my journey so far as Max's mom. Just like other mothers, I started out loving him unconditionaly and willing to sacrifice anything to help him grow, learn, and be happy. The three years that I've been blessed with him have been at times joyful, difficult, agonizing, fun, sorrowful, and always full of surprise. I don't know why the Lord chose us to be his parents, but as always His infinite wisdom always guides us to the things that make us happy. Max has already surpassed many expectations that we had for him, and sometimes I think that his little stubborn spirit and uncanny ability to make people love him will get him through any trial. He is a special boy, with sparkling glad eyes that melt my heart in one minute, then in the next flash with rage and frustration. I cannot comprehend what his strong mind endures in that little brain of his. I have no doubt that every phase of his life will be interesting. I just hope that I'm up for it!!!!!


Parker said...

He is very loveable. I still see his cute little face looking back at me in church (in my head). I thought, wow, he is so beautiful.
I fell in love at first sight.



Giuli said...

You would love to hang out with him now Kat! He is so delightful. He loves to sing, dance (to Techno), color, paint, and chase the dogs around the house. The other day we were looking at pictures and he saw the one of him sitting on Santa Dan's lap, and he kissed Dan's face. We sure miss you guys! And we still refer to Dan as Capn' Danna Claus.