Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Music


As I was checking my e-mail yesterday, I followed a link on Yahoo to a story about the Beatles. Apparently, the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is not really a reference to LSD, but is based on a picture that John's son Julian drew at 4 of one of his classmates, a girl named Lucy. Lucy just died from Lupus (a disease near to my heart), and I was touched to realize that during her entire life, no one believed her claim to fame. Later on as her sickness progressed, Julian got back in contact with her and they became friends again. Maybe one day I'll get back in touch with my friend Jenny from Oakland. I still have a picture of her as a preschooler. Well, I guess that that was a confusing way to lead up to my latest find, a link to Julian's formerly estranged half brother (from Yoko--if you're wondering) Sean Lennon. I saw a video for his latest song, and it was quite shocking to see how much he looks like his dad (Thank Goodness he got his genes from the paternal side!) He actually is a pretty good singer, too. In my humble opinion. I liked this song so much that I made myself a station on Pandora of similar music. So maybe I will share other great music finds with you. Love it love it love it. Warning: You have to be in a mellow mood to appreciate the following music!

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