Monday, December 7, 2009

When the weather outside is frightful . . .

Right at this very moment, my kiddos are getting shipped home on the bus early from school because there is SNOW outside!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!! Deep inside this raised Southern girl is a great excitement of snow. As a child, snow meant: no school, mom's hot cocoa, making snow angels outside until your undies were frozen, then stripping and getting in warm flannel PJ's, trying (usually unsuccessfully) to make a snow man, everyone freaking out and going to the store to buy milk and bread, and one of my most humorous memories--the Blizzard of '93. In 1993 I was 11 and it was three days before the first day of spring when a freak Blizzard, and I do mean Blizzard hit Atlanta. Lily and I went to play outside in it, and the snow was blowing so hard that we couldn't even see each other only a few feet away. Mom made us come inside when she saw on the news that little children were getting lost right outside the back door and freezing to death. Bummer! All of those snow memories are surfacing, and I realize that little Max is making some snow memories of his own. Which reminds me that I've been a slacker blogger and haven't posted pictures of Max playing in our first snowstorm of the year, the week of Halloween. I'll just whet your appitite for said pictures by saying that he's running around the back yard in "Yellow" (the new sweater that Mom made him) trying to stomp all of the powder into submission and yelling "Now, Now, Now!!!!" (as in Snow, snow snow--without the S). Love you all. I promise to post them soon, or you can take my first born child (for the night, so I can sleep).

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