Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Freaks Come Out at Walmart

I just had to share this picture with you. For the other pictures in the series, let me know and I can share. I believe that I've seen people like this at the WalMart on Hwy 49 in Hattiesburg.


Lynley said...

i simply cannot believe that you posted this picture! (i thought you would enjoy that email!)

i had a good chat with jack the other day.

hope you're well!


Giuli said...

You chatted with Jack????? Okay that blew my mind!!!!!

Margaret said...

GIULIANA!!!!! I have found you! It's your old buddy, Margaret (formerly Gawel, now Peterson). How are you?!? I saw that your parents posted a link to your blog via Facebook and voila! you're here! I have also been quasi-stalking you through Lily's pictures on Facebook as well but actually hearing from you is definitely better than stalking! Catch me up on all the Giuli business!!!

Giuli said...

Holy Cow!!!! It's my Margarita!!!!!! You would not believe it, but I have been thinking about you lately!!!! I miss you!!!!! You look great!!! I'm so glad that you found me. My life has finally settled down a bit. Are you still in Atlanta? I can't wait to see you one of these days. The next time that I'm in GA, We'll have to hang out (at the Waffle House). A couple of years ago, Lily and I tried to find you at PetCo, but we didn't have any luck. If you want to email me, my address is Love you!!!!