Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Spring Ya'll!

These last few weeks have been crazy, but really fun. We got another snow on Saturday (hopefully the LAST one) and it's already almost melted. Hallelujah! Max is going through a rough patch of frustration issues; maybe we should stop watching so much Hulk? This week I don't have school because of AIMS testing. I never thought that I would be excited about that! I really really love my family, and I get to spend alot of time with little Kiz this week. She coming up on one year in just a couple of weeks. Jack doesn't understand why I get so excited planning birthday parties for my kids. He thinks that I'm going overboard. I keep telling him, no--renting a jolly jump and a clown for your one year old's birthday is going overboard, I'm just having a blast! Kizzie is going to have rainbows and colored chalk, and adorable cupcakes. Max is going to have a superhero party complete with costumes. I stood yesterday staring at the cake decorating aisle in Michaels in shock. Yes, I love making cute and whimsical cakes for my babies for their birthdays (my favorite was Max's choo choo cake a few years ago), but I have no desire at all to make fancy wedding cakes with yucky tasting fondant icing. The money that you could blow on that hobby is unreal! No icing roses and edible glitter for me. Okay, maybe edible glitter . . . I've always liked shiny purple things. Here are some pictures of the fam that we took on Easter. Notice that Max is blurry (he wouldn't stop jumping up and down).

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