Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Smells Like Spring Break

This past week was at times stressful, full of memories, and brimming with awesomeness! I was able to go with the kids and my mom and sister to visit my grandparents in Santa Ynez, CA. I can't tell you how many wonderful times I had at that wonderful house as I was growing up. Lily and I would spend a week with Grandma and Grandpa at least once a year, and in the days leading up to this trip, I would catch myself in quiet moments closing my eyes and visualizing the sights and smells of the house. The green grassy hill in the front yard, the rose perfume of my Grandma, the beautiful flowers and the wind chimes, and the warm sun coming through the spa room.

I was really looking forward to sharing these memories with my children, and Grandma was really excited to finally meet her grandmother's namesake, my Kizzie. The 14 hour car ride with the kids was CRAZY! But we survived, and had a great week. We went to the beach, hung out in Solvang, hunted for yucca branches to make a walking stick, played in the dirt, ate In N Out burger (YUMMY) and enjoyed every moment.

My sister took great pictures, and I will make sure I post them on the blog as soon as I get them. We have great ones of Kizzie eating a rib bone, Max playing with the dog Barney, and me and Lil soaking up the sunshine. Ahhhhhh. I hope that Max remembers this fantastic time and that I will have new memories to make with my loved ones.

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