Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another month has gone by . . . whew!

This Friday will be Kizzie's third month of life. She and I are having a rough week because I'm on meds that are not safe for her to consume through breast milk, so I'm pumping and dumping, and she and I are going nuclear. I feel like a cow hooked up to the pump, and keep in mind that she's still eating about 12 times a day. Holy Cow! (Literally). In between pumping, and feeding, and cleaning the house, we're trying to pack and go through things to get ready for the big move to Flagstaff in three weeks. Arghhh! On Sunday I was in the mother's lounge at church, which is in the bathroom, and two little girls came in to go to the bathroom with their mother while I was pumping, as modestly as I could. One girl said, "Mommy why is she have stuff hooked up to her boobies?" I have never been that embarrassed nursing, let me tell you. I hope that Kizzie appreciates this, although I don't think she understands why I can't cuddle and nurse her like normal. I'm determined to get over this nursing hump and be successful. Wish me luck!

PS--I have a lot of respect for milk cows now, who spend their entire lives nursing and hooked up to suction machines. Yuk!

PPS--Why is it that double chins are so cute on babies but not so cute on adults?

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