Friday, June 24, 2011

My little girl is two months old!

I always promised that I would not be the mom that has an album filled with baby pictures of the first child and just a sad few of the other children. Unfortunately, life gets pretty busy and I forget to take very many pictures before she's changed again. This morning at 7:22 am my little baby turned 8 weeks old! I have to argue with people at stores about it, but I promise that she really is that old. Very petite still, but now at two months. She's looking more and more like me, I hope, but still the spitting image of her brother.

I just had to share a really funny story that happened yesterday after bathtime:

Max points to Kizzie's herniated belly button (which is poking out about an inch or so) and says "Wee Wee". "No" I said, "It's not her wee wee, it's her belly button. See, you have a belly button, here (pointing) and she has a belly button here (pointing to hers)". He continued to stare at me with a perplexed look on his face and then pointed to his penis and said "No Mom, it's a wee wee". After about five minutes of this, I gave up. Jack says that I can't tell her when she gets older that her older brother thought that her belly button was a wee wee. Don't try to argue anatomy with a five year old. We're still trying to explain to him that his boobies don't make milk like mommy's.

Love you all. Sorry that my posts center around kids lately. It's pretty much all that I do. Maybe when we move to Flagstaff I'll hang out here and there with people my age.

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