Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Hello all of the wonderful mothers out there! (And someday to be mothers) I am going to share with you some gorgeous pictures of my abuelita and abuelito on Mother's day. She is so beautiful. I hope that I look that dang good when I'm 80 years old! If I'm even half as cool as her when I'm a grandma, then I'll be happy. Gramps lucked out when he found her over 50 years ago, and they still love each other and give each other grief :) My mother's day turned out to be pretty spectacular! Max and Jack made me pancakes with berries, then Max helped me make pot roast to put in the crock pot. For the rest of the day, he smelled like garlic. Yummm! Then (I wish I had a video of this!) Max and the primary sang songs at church, which I conducted. Max was hanging over the podium, as expected, but he was singing the words that he knew at the top of his lungs and was conducting with me. How adorable is he? Then in the afternoon we got to camp in our yard with our friends from Sierra Vista, where Jack almost burned down the rental house with a gas can and a barbeque grill. I won't even elaborate on that, just imagine Jack running around the yard with a flaming gas can, waving his arms and leaving burning patches of gas in the yard--that Gary promptly stomped out with his foot. It's not very often that I get to laugh about dumb mistakes that Jack has made, because 99.99 percent of the really crazy ones are my fault, so I shall bring this even up often. Tee heee heee.

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