Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Walking on Sunshine

Okay, so it's an omen. I just read my best friend's blog and she's inspired me!!!!!!! Here she is, emerging from years of self doubt and taking life by the unmentionables and LIVING IT! I don't care if I'm working at McDonalds next year. My life is great. I have a great husband (who makes homeade noodles for goodness sake!), a goofy and adorable son (who reminds me alot of the young Tarzan), two beautiful dogs, people who love me, and CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Who cares if I've been given the sack, gained all of my pregnancy weight back and then some, bounced my mortgage payment, and not shaved my legs in weeks! I'M AWESOME!!!!!! Max doesn't care, Bruce and Darby don't care, okay so Jack wishes that I shaved my legs, but he still loves me. Here I go with today's theme song in my head "I'm Walkin on Sunshine, Ohhhh Ohhhhh, and Don't it feel GOOOD!"


jenny said...

leg shaving is definitely optional! :D did jack tell you he saw matt the the big scout meeting? cool! let me know if you need anything!!

Lynley said...

giuli, you know you totally rock my socks. spelling is getting atrocious for me since i'm now wanting to go back to school. i wonder if that's an omen.

i hope all is lovely with your mum and sissy.