Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye, Farewell . . .

This is a tribute to my mom and sister. Why is it that every time my family comes to visit, I spend the days leading up to it counting down, but when they finally arrive the time flies by so fast that I don't get to really soak them in until they leave? I feel like my grandma standing at the end of the driveway when family leaves, crying. I had so much fun with them!!!! My sis is so amazing. She's like a snake charmer with Max. I don't know what kind of Voodoo she pulled last night, but she flipped Max's mood from terror to ADORABLE at my band concert. He is so cute I could eat him for dinner!!!! You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to spending the summer with him. I've already looked up games and lessons and crafts that we can do to get out of the pre-monsoon heat. He's also going to be my Rocky coach this summer. Okay, so he's not going to be screaming "Ya Bum!" and make me punch frozen meat haunches, but I'm going to put him in the stoller and walk with him every morning. If I'm feeling really ambitious, maybe I'll jog! To get myself pumped up, I'm going to put some Moby songs on Jack's ipod, and maybe a little "eye of the tiger" action. (Cue work out sequence in slow mo) Okay, before I go to pick up my pumpkin head at day care, I'm going to say something true: no matter old you are or how many children you have, you still need your mommy. True Story.

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Deja said...

You found me! It is, indeed, your Deja. And I did, indeed, get married. To Sam. And I got a job outside of Boston so we live there with our three (!) cats.

So nice to hear from you and think of you and your wonderful Max. Tell Jack hello, and if you're ever in the area or want to be in the area, ya'll have place to stay. (See, I'm still a touch southern ...)