Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm officially fired!

So I just spent ten minutes steaming about my non-pink pink slip, and it was lost when I tried to add a picture, arrrghhhh. Now I'm too emotionally drained to rehash it, so I'll give you the abridged version. I finally officially recieved my notice of "job termination" and it's not even a pretty pink, it's white, ugly, and depressing. I'm sad/relieved/mad/depressed, and I'm going to go home and cry for a couple of hours until I have to pick up Max! I don't even have Dove chocolate in the house, damnit! I promise that the next post won't have as much angst. . . sigh.

Here's a song that expresses my mood right now.


Amy said...

LOL! Im really crying for you :(

jenny said...

i'm so sorry. these education budget cuts really have me steamed. our district just pink slipped 30 teachers and nearly 100 support staff. it's bloody. how can i help?