Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CURSE Jack Frost!

I have something to admit.  I really don't think that my body is capable of experiencing much colder temperatures then it has lately.  I think that I lifetime of living in the Southern region of the country has affected my body's ability to warm itself up.  We're talking negative 9 degrees F this morning, with a high of 19.  Ummmmm, yuck!  Some of you reading this might be scoffing, "Well, in ALASKA it gets negative a bigillion" or something.  I don't care!  There is a reason that I'm not living in Alaska, or Siberia right now.  Luckily we don't have to pay utilities, so last night as I was doing lesson plans at night, the heater was on and I kept feeling a draft from the windows and under the door.  I kept inching the thermostat higher and higher.  When Jack woke up this morning, he said that it was set to 85 degrees.  When I was younger and stupid, I once made the statement that I preferred being cold to being hot, because you can always put on more clothes, wheras you can't take your skin off.  Wrongness.  I enjoy watching the snow capped peaks from my window, and that is all.

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