Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another Belly Picture

Hello All,

The really weird thing is that when I go to school tomorrow, the kids who haven't seen me in two weeks will notice how much my belly has gotten grander. We're almost six weeks away folks! I really don't have anything else clever to say, so I will go take a really hot shower and go to sleep. Oh yeah, here's another cute picture of Max listening to "Uncle Kia" make a techno version of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", while I'm trying to brush his teeth. He is such a little DJ in training.

ps--The boo boo on Max's eye is where Bruce bit him for teasing him with food. Don't mess with a fat, middle aged dog.

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Lily Kerr said...

Holy Crap! You is big, sista! I wish that I could see you in person. Remember when you dropped me off at the airport when you were preggers with Max and I couldn't leave you and cried like Abuela. I MISS YOU!!! Dj mix-master Max. Max had laid down some sweet beats for me in the past.