Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello, she's still alive and kicking!

Okay, I had all of these grand ideas about announcing this will a cute picture of Max holding a sign that says "big brother", etc. But you are just going to have to use your imagination, because I'm really really tired, a little overwhelmed with housework/cooking dinner/Christmas concert for the entire school/trying to keep up with Max/and gestating. Yes, I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of you have no idea how long Jack and I have been trying (2 1/2 years) and how badly I've prayed for this. I really felt like Elizabeth in the bible, pleading and pleading for another child. Jack and I were even almost at the point of trying to investigate adoption. I'm definitely not a fertile myrtle, let's just put it that way. There are several emotions that pop up when you are trying to get pregnant, like jealousy, fear, sadness, resignation, hope, frustration. All I can say is that the Lord definitely let me sweat it out for awhile. Maybe Max needed to be older to be able to handle it, or maybe (more likely) I needed Max to be older for ME to be able to handle it.
My life is a whirlwind of doctor's appointments: specialists in Phoenix, my very cautious OB, ultrasound techs at the hospital, now maybe a psychologist? In between doctor's visits, I'm fighting with Max to get him potty trained (I've tried bribery, force, coercion, enthusiasm, all to no avail) picking up the slack for my very busy husband around the house, and trying to teach and complete my first portion of my National Board Certification. Do you get bonus points for being tired and pregnant? Right now little Fleming is 14 weeks old and doing well. I'm afraid that I have another spitfire on my hands. I can already tell. Do two crazy children equal preoccupied children that let you get things done? Or is there some kind of chemical reaction when the two collide that cause the planets to shift orbits? Only time will tell.


Kara and Theo said...

Congratulations!!! That is so awesome! So what is your due date?
Good luck with the potty training. I know that can be such a pill! What worked on Tobie, after the bribing and everything else, was to just let him run around naked. Seriously it only took him a few days to catch on then. How old is Max again? Hopefully you won't be still working on it when he is 4, like I'm doing with my Emma! Argh!!! Hang in there Mama!

Fritzi Marie said...

Oh, my goodness...what wonderful news. You two make the cutest babies. It sounds like you have your hands full for sure. If you need anything please let me know. I'm cheering you on from Alabama.


Giuli said...

Yes, Max is 4 and still in diapers. Arrgghhh. I have hopes that he won't be entering Kindergarten still wearing pampers!
ps--my due date is May 16th.

Giuli said...

I'm glad that I'm not biased and someone thinks Max is adorable besides me :) I can hear your cheers!!!!! Yayyyy!

Emily said...

Congrats Guili! (Hope you are feeling well!! By the way, this is your cousin, Emily) I think Jenny sent me your blog address. I have a blog too, if you want an invite, send me your email. My email is leaking levee at g mail dot com

jenny said...

congrats!! what are you all doing for the holidays? we should meet up at the temple to see the lights!